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Benefits of Peptide Therapies

Increased Energy Levels

Peptide therapies can help increase energy in those with chronic fatigue or exhaustion. Certain peptides help stimulate cell mitochondria to produce more ATP energy.

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Tissue Repair

Select peptides like BPC-157 have been shown to help repair and regenerate tissues in the body by activating stem cells and growth factors. This can help heal injuries faster.

Anti-Aging Effects

Peptides like Epithalon can help regulate cell aging by preserving telomeres. This may translate to younger looking skin, hair growth, weight loss, and immune function.

Neuroprotective Qualities

Cerebrolysin is a peptide drug that mimics the brain's natural neurotrophic peptides. It helps protect neurons and stimulate the growth of new brain cells.

Positive Impacts on Mental Health

Mood and cognition issues like anxiety, depression and brain fog may improve with peptide supplementation through mods of the nervous system.

Common Peptide Treatment Protocols


BPC-157 peptide helps repair leaky gut, heal damaged muscles/tendons and resolve inflammation when injected subcutaneously or taken orally.

Thymosin Alpha

Thymosin Alpha-1 boosts the immune system by signaling white blood cells like T-cells. It helps fight infections and resolve autoimmunity.


Sermorelin prompts the body to stimulate its own natural growth hormone (HGH) release. This can aid sleep, skin health, weight loss, energy and injury recovery.

AOD 9604 Fat Loss

AOD 9604 is a modified fragment of growth hormone molecule. It helps burn more fat specifically without weight gain side effects of full HGH.

PT-141 Increase Libido

PT-141 Bremelanotide raises sexual arousal and desire by activating melanocortin receptors in the brain. It can treat erectile dysfunction and low libido.

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Importance of Diagnostic Testing Before Peptide Therapy

Getting baseline blood tests before starting peptides is crucial to see clinical deficiencies in hormones, biomarkers of inflammation, nutrition status, organ function and markers of aging. Repeat testing also allows objective monitoring of treatment efficacy over time for continued correct dosing.

Hormone Imbalances

Loss of luteinizing hormone, growth hormone, cortisol imbalances and hypothyroidism can be found with testing. Optimizing these hormones with peptides can treat side effects.

Inflammatory Markers

Elevated inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein and cytokines tied to autoimmunity need to be assessed. Peptides like LL-37 modulate the immune system.

Organ Function

Kidney and liver function must be checked to ensure safety of peptide clearance. Nutrient deficiencies impairing peptide cell entry also need evaluation.

Biomarkers of Aging

Telomere length, arterial stiffness, lung function, grip strength and cognitive scores help quantify biological aging. Peptides may reverse aspects of age decline.

Meeting Patient Needs with Custom Protocols

The best peptide protocols are always personalized based on the unique health goals of each patient during an extensive medical evaluation and history.

Health Concerns Addressed

Providers should list all current and desired health goals to resolve. This guides proper peptide selection for needs like joint repair, more energy, better immunity or fat loss.

Consider Lifestyle Factors

Diet, exercise, sleep, stress levels, career demands and genetics all impact treatment. The regimen is tailored meeting realistic expectations on improving deficiencies.

Adjust Dose as Needed

Starting low and going slow allows the gathering of patient feedback to further optimize the peptide dose and frequency for maximum benefits and tolerability.

Accessing Peptide Therapy in Alaska

Patients interested in exploring peptide supplementation for deficiencies should first do extensive research on the credentials of various providers in Alaska offering these treatments.

Seek Extensively Trained Experts

Optimal practitioners should have specialty training certification and years of experience prescribing peptides yielding excellent safety profiles and results.

Ensure Clean Injectables

Reputable sources of pharmacy grade peptides must be used by clinics under regulated conditions. This ensures sterility and accuracy of dosing.

Monitor Progress Over Time

The best clinics establish follow up protocols to meet with patients, evaluate progress with repeat testing, and make dosage adjustments as required over months.

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